20 Natural Attars 2ml Each (Bakool,Chameli,Champa,Heena,Jasmine,Kasturi,KesarChandan,Khus,Lavender,Lily,Lotus,Madhumalti,Mitti,Mogra,Muskrose,Patchouli,Raatrani,Rajanigandha,Sukhad,Tulip)

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Perfumedeck brings to you its most popular 20 Natural attars in natural fragrance collection segment at an unbelievable rate. We bring to you twenty 2ml bottles of the most popular attars which are always in high demand.

Gender: Unisex fragrance

Fragrance Notes:

  1. Bakool – Woody Herbal (Medium-Strong aroma)
  2. Chameli – Floral, Citrus (Light Aroma)
  3. Champa – Sweet, Woody (Light Aroma)
  4. Heena – Woody, Herbal Henna (Strong Aroma)
  5. Jasmine – Floral, Fresh (Light Aroma)
  6. Kasturi – Musky (Medium-Strong Aroma)
  7. Kesar-Chandan – Floral,Woody (Light Aroma)
  8. Khus – Woody, Vetiver (Light Aroma)
  9. Lavender – Spicy, Fresh (Light Aroma)
  10. Lily – Sweet, Floral (Light Aroma)
  11. Lotus – Floral, Woody (Light Aroma)
  12. Madhumalti – Aquatic, Floral (Light Aroma)
  13. Mitti – First Rain Smell (Light Aroma)
  14. Mogra – Fresh, Floral (Light Aroma)
  15. Musk Rose – Musky, Floral (Medium Aroma)
  16. Patchouli – Fresh, Mint (Light Aroma)
  17. Raatrani – Woody, Floral (Medium Aroma)
  18. Rajanigandha – Spicy, Herbal (Strong aroma)
  19. Sukhad – Woody, Fresh (Light Aroma)
  20. Tulip – Sweet, Floral (Light Aroma)


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Product Details ( 20 Natural Attars ) :

  • Light and fresh 20 Natural Attars Fragrance aromas at a discounted price
  • Lasts – 36 hours

Preferred Use:

  • Personal Wear aroma
  • Divine uses kannauj attar
  • Functional wear fragrance
  • Office wear perfume
  • Can be used in divine purposes due to its non-alcoholic nature

Delivery Information:

The image displayed is indicative in nature. The color of attar and size of bottle may vary from the one depicted in image. The product is non-edible and is for external application on clothes only. All fragrances are exact replication of their natural counterparts in terms of fragrance. The delivery time may depend on the location of the destination to which you want your product to be delivered. The delivery cannot be redirected to any other address.

Additional information

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Dimensions 17 × 7 × 9 cm


3 reviews for 20 Natural Attars 2ml Each (Bakool,Chameli,Champa,Heena,Jasmine,Kasturi,KesarChandan,Khus,Lavender,Lily,Lotus,Madhumalti,Mitti,Mogra,Muskrose,Patchouli,Raatrani,Rajanigandha,Sukhad,Tulip)

  1. Rimi

    This is a very nice selection of traditional attar fragrances. It’s perfect to try out a lot of different pure fragrances and get first idea about which one will suit your tastes best

    Personally I especially like the Muskrose, kesarchandan and madhumalti. Couldnt find these fragrance anywhere else. But also the other florals can be quite nice (I like Raatrani best).
    Lasting power is great.
    The bottles came sealed with screw cap and plastic stick applicator, but for every bottle there is an optional roll-on applicator that you can exchange the stick one for. So you can apply however you prefer.
    Overall package was delivered by 4 days instead of 3days. Delivery should be faster in 2-3 days instead of 4 days.



  3. Luv Sharma

    Good collection of all nature flavors. I got 20

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