Al nuaim Attars Special 4 (Ameer Al Oudh Meena, Chocolate Musk, Sultan, Sabaya) + 4 Arabic Attars (Musk Rijaali, Mukhallat, Salma, Sweet Oudh)

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Perfumedeck brings to you its most popular 4 attars in Arabic fragrance collection segment along with famous 4 Al nuaim Attars at an unbelievable rate. These fragrances are always in high demand across different markets

Gender: Unisex fragrance

Fragrance Notes:

  1. Ameer Al Oudh SN Meena Attar – Musk, Spicy Undertones, rose
  2. Chocolate Musk Al Nuaim Attar – Chocolate, Vanilla, Creamy, Musky
  3. Sultan Al Nuaim Attar – Fresh, Fruity, Arabic
  4. Sabaya Al Nuaim Attar – Floral, Citrus, Green Notes
  5. Mukhallat – Woody, Ambery, Fresh
  6. Musk Rijali – Fresh, Musky, Attractive
  7. Salma – Oriental, fresh
  8. Sweet Oudh – Sweet AgarOudh


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Product Details ( Popular Attars ) :

Famous 4 Al nuaim attars + 4 Arabic Fragrance Attars:

  1. Ameer Al Oudh SN Meena Attar -Ameer Al Oudh Attar Is A Unique And Luxurious Scent That Opens With Fragrant Rose Top Notes. It Has Hints Of Spicy And Musky Undertones That Add Complexity And Depth To The Scent.
  2. Chocolate Musk Al Nuaim Attar Chocolate Musk Is A Truly Tantalizing Scent That Captures The Creamy, Sweet Richness Of Chocolate Combined With Exotic And Earthy Musk. A Hint Of Vanilla Adds Warmth And Depth, While Coumarin Adds A Touch Of Spicy Allure.
  3. Sultan Al Nuaim Attar– Al-Nuaim Attar SULTAN features blends Of Strawberry, Pineapple, and Cinnamon. These beguiling notes leave this attar with a sweet and soothing fragrance
  4. Sabaaya Al Nuaim AttarAl-Rehab Sabaya is an exclusive fragrance for women that gives out a floral long lasting aroma and an attractive persona. Sabaya is a blend of Rose combined with Citrus Aroma and Green Notes.
  5. Mukhallat – This is a traditional blend of arabic perfume oil with mint aroma enhanced with amber scent.
  6. Musk Rijali – This is a fresh musky attractive aroma derived from combination of musk and arabic fragrances.
  7. Salma – This is the most sought after fragrance which is not readily available everywhere. It is century old aroma which is brought as a gift for loved ones back home from a visit to holy pilgrimage in saudi arabia as a hadiyah.
  8. Sweet Oudh – This is a sweet oudh (meetha oudh) fragrance inspired from a sweet agarwood found in assam

Preferred Use:

  • Personal Wear aroma
  • Divine uses for alnuaim attars as well as arabic attar as they are non-alcoholic
  • Functional wear fragrance
  • Office wear perfume


Experience an olfactory journey like no other with a captivating combination of eight exquisite attars, a harmonious blend of four from Al Nuaim Attars and four from Perfume Deck. Al Nuaim attars, renowned for their traditional essence, offer a rich tapestry of scents that evoke timeless elegance and cultural depth. From the delicate floral notes of jasmine to the warm embrace of amber, each attar tells a story of its own, captivating the senses and enchanting the soul.

Complementing this, Perfume Deck brings its innovative flair to the mix, infusing modernity with tradition. Their attars boast a symphony of fragrances, from the crisp freshness of citrus to the intoxicating allure of musk, creating a fusion that is both captivating and alluring.

Together, these eight attars form a symphony of scent, intertwining tradition and innovation, history and modernity. Indulge in the exquisite aroma that transcends time and space, immersing yourself in the beauty of ancient traditions and the allure of contemporary craftsmanship. Discover the magic within each drop, as the blend of Al Nuaim and Perfume Deck attars takes you on a sensory adventure unlike any other.


Delivery Information:

  1. The image displayed is indicative in nature. The color of attar and size-shape of the bottle may vary from the one depicted in image. All features have been described extensively in the description. The product is non-edible and is for external application on clothes only. All fragrances are exact replication of their natural counterparts in terms of fragrance. All Alnuaim Bottles Come in 6ml Size and all arabic attars come in 3ml sizes. Total Size of combo is 36ml. The delivery time may depend on the location of the destination to which you want your product to be delivered. The delivery cannot be redirected to any other address.

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