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The fragrance of Madina Attar is a warm and refined scent of smoky agarwood mixed with exquisite notes of rose. A unique creation fragrance with fusion of strength and elegance

Madina  attar is a type of attar or fragrance oil that is popular in Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures. It is named after the highest level of place in Islamic belief, and is known for its fresh, floral scent.

Madina  attar is made by blending various natural ingredients such as jasmine, rose, cedarwood, and amber. The resulting fragrance is sweet, floral, and woody.

The fragrance of Madina Attar is often described as

  • Top notes – rose
  • Middle notes – amber, cedarwood
  • Base notes – kesar

Madina  attar is commonly used in perfumery and is popular among people who prefer natural, plant-based fragrances. It is often worn by both men and women and is suitable for all occasions.


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PerfumeDeck brings to its new range of 50ml attars. These bottles can be used to refill smaller bottles of attars. The quantity of Madina attar 50ml provides you more flexibility of using it without any thought of it getting exhausted. All of these products are highly longlasting and can be used for reselling, by repacking the 50ml quantity into smaller bottles.

Buying wholesale attar can be a cost-effective way to purchase large quantities of fragrances at a discounted price. However, it is also important that our attar is of high quality and is sourced from a reputable supplier. This is done by researching the supplier’s reputation, and trying and testing their ingredients before making it into a finished product.

These quantity of attars is typically sold to businesses such as retailers, wholesalers, and distributors, who then sell it to consumers by refilling them into smaller bottles. It is popular among people who prefer good fragrances and are looking for alternatives to commercial perfumes.

Madina attar is a type of arabic attar. Arabic attars are fragrant oils that are traditionally used in Islamic perfumery and have their roots in the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. These attars are often preferred by people who appreciate natural fragrances and are looking for alternatives to commercial perfumes that may contain synthetic ingredients.

Some of the popular Arabic attars include notes of oud, amber, musk, rose, jasmine, and sandalwood. These attars are often blended with other fragrant oils to create complex, layered scents that are unique and luxurious.

Arabic attars are also known for for spiritual and religious purposes, such as during prayers or meditation, to create a sense of peace and connection to a higher power.

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