Empower Perfume Spray 100ml


Empower perfume spray 100ml is an aroma preferred by working women. It is highly noticed due to its tangy fresh and chirpy notes. It keeps you fresh all day long and prevents any kind of bad odors in a close office environment. It is medium light aroma which doesn’t cause any allergic headaches.

PerfumeDeck brings to you a unique collection of office friendly aromas which you can apply in any kind of corporate environment. The notes of these perfume oils are similar to the branded perfume sprays you might have come across.

Product type: Kindly select from options below whether you want ATTAR 6ml or PERFUME SPRAY 100ML

Gender:  Female spray 100ml

Personality types: Gives best effect with closed office surroundings

Notes: Fresh and fruity

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Product Details:

  • Sweet Fruity Aroma
  • Empower Perfume spray 100ml  is of Executive smell type
  • The empower perfume spray 100ml option has an attractive glass bottle with a unique cap and bottle design
  • Attractive 6ml metal bottle with roll-on
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting perfume – 24 hours

Preferred Use:

  • Office Wear Scent (Full day A.C. surroundings/closed)
  • Can be used during corporate meetings
  • Instant Office wear aroma

Delivery Information:

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PerfumeDeck provides the best collection of attars in India. Our Attars are highly long-lasting and preferred by all across each and every segments.

Additional information

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Perfume Spray 100ml, Attar Rollon 6ml