Firdaus attar – 12ml Premium Quality


Premium quality in premium packaging

Fragrance Notes:

Top NotesBasil, Bergamot

Heart NotesClove, Iris, Geranium, Jasmine

Base NotesAmber, Moss, Patchouli, Musk

Projection: High

Lasts: 12 Hours

Non-Alcoholic Attar


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Jannatul Firdaus Attar is a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of paradise itself. With its ethereal and refreshing aroma, it transports the wearer to a realm of pure tranquility and bliss. This attar emanates a delicate harmony of floral, woody, and musky accords, creating a scent that is both captivating and soothing. Its composition is a subtle symphony of natural elements, evoking visions of lush greenery and blooming flowers in a heavenly garden.

The name “Jannatul Firdaus” translates to “Paradise Garden” in Arabic, and indeed, wearing this attar feels like strolling through an idyllic oasis. Its subtle complexity unfolds gently on the skin, revealing layers of fragrance that linger delicately throughout the day. It is a scent that speaks of serenity and elegance, embodying the pure beauty of nature.

Jannatul Firdaus Attar is beloved for its uplifting and invigorating qualities, making it a cherished companion for both everyday wear and special occasions. Whether worn as a personal indulgence or as a thoughtful gift, it leaves a lasting impression of grace and refinement. With each application, it invites the wearer to experience a moment of tranquility and connection to the natural world, offering a glimpse of paradise within reach.

Delivery Information:

The image displayed is indicative in nature. The color of attar and bottle may vary from the one depicted in image. The product is non-edible and is for external application on clothes only. All fragrances are exact replication of their natural counterparts in terms of fragrance. The delivery time may depend on the location of the destination to which you want your product to be delivered. The delivery cannot be redirected to any other address.

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