Patchouli Perfume Spray 100ml


Patchouli Perfume Spray – the scent of sixties is inspired from the fragrance made from the leaves of patchouli plant belonging to family of well known aromatic plants, including lavender. This is the best patcholi spray in quality and quantity.

Gender: Unisex fragrance ittar

Notes: Sweet, spicy, earthly

Patchouli Perfume Spray Fragrance Intensity: Medium

Patchouli Perfume Spray Type:  fresh herbal aroma

PerfumeDeck solves the biggest challenge of giving long lasting perfumes at such a low price. We guarantee the performance of all our perfumes. The aroma of our scent spray lingers even after you pass a particular spot, leading people to wonder the source of such a wonderful fragrance.

Product Details:
1. Medium smell kannauj spray
2. The taste for smell of patchouli needs to be acquired
3. Also used as base scent in soaps and perfumes.
4. Long lasting – 36 hours


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The type-concentration of the perfume is eau de perfume spray which indicates high concentration of the base. Our scent perfumes are always preferred due to their feathery aromas along with their gold quality fragrance.

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