4 Popular Attars 3ml Each (Jannat Firdaus, Musk, Rose, Sandalwood)

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Perfumedeck brings to you its most popular attars in its collection at an unbelievable rate. We bring to you four 3ml bottles of the most popular attars which are always in high demand.

The Jannatul Firdaus attar is also known as king of attars, it is mainly used in arabic world. It is hugely popular in india. It owes its popularity to the unique blend of sweet, woody and fresh aromas into a single package. It is a must try once if you are a regular attar user.

The kasturi ittar has a spicy, warm, woodsy, earthy aroma. It makes a perfect alternative to expensive deer musk oil and much better substitute for its long lasting quality. Called by the names of mushk, musk , deer musk, hiran mushk, this synthetic aroma is perfect substitute for deer musk. Besides, you can also avail the exotic aroma of this perfume oil by mixing a drop of it in aroma diffuser or humidifier.

ROSE attar oil rollon is undoubtedly the most romantic of the fragrance ittars, producing a lovely warm, deep floral aroma.Also known as gulaab ghulab, this itr replicates exactly the natural pure flower aroma. This is the best rose attar in quality and quantity.

Sandalwood attar – Chandan – Sukhad Rollon Roll-on is one of the most famous and widely used itr. The natural and exotic Roll-ons fragrance that comes with a striking wood base note. Sandal wood ittar is widely used in perfumery industry for making scents and other cosmetic products. Well known for its long lasting flavor, Rollons is widely used in place of conventional deo and perfumes.

Gender: Unisex fragrance

Jannatul Firdaus Attar Notes: Sweet , Woody, Fresh

Rose Attar Notes: Rose flower

Kasturi Attar Notes: Woody, Spicy

Sandalwood Attar Notes: Woody, fresh


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Product Details ( Popular Attars ) :

  • Light and fresh aromas at a discounted price
  • Jannatul Firdaus is a unique sweet, fresh and woody arabic aroma.
  • Musk is inspired from pure deer kasturi aroma.
  • Rose is an exact replication of rose flower aroma.
  • Sandalwood inspired from a natural sandalwood bark.
  • Long lasting – 36 hours

Preferred Use:

  • Personal Wear aroma
  • Divine uses kannauj attar
  • Functional wear fragrance
  • Office wear perfume

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