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Secure Online Transactions On PerfumeDeck

Cybersecurity is one of the most significant ecommerce features. Customer information, business data and payment details are a part of an ecommerce transactions which are highly sensitive. 

Why SSL Certificate is Essential for Ecommerce Website?

Our webstore is encrypted with an SSL certificate (indicated by a lock symbol appearing besides the url) to ensure security of your transaction. An SSL Certificate promotes sales, too, as consumers would naturally choose to make purchases from a website that they believe is totally secure. There are ways that have been proven to keep customer’s credit card information more secure. One way is the use of a technology called SSL Certificate. It’s a protocol which keeps all your sensitive information protected because it encrypts all information.

An SSL Certificate encrypts all of your sensitive data (names, address, credit/debit card numbers) users send from their browser to your website. The SSL padlock is a strong, visual indicator that we’re serious and professional about our business.

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We at PerfumeDeck have taken utmost care of your transactions. We value the trust that you have kept, in our webstore. has a team of qualified professionals working tirelessly to make your interactions with our webstore more smooth and secure. Suggestions are welcome and would really help us in improving further. Thank you very much.


PerfumeDeck brings to you comprehensive collection of all kinds of natural aroma type fragrances in forms of perfumesprays, diffuser-oils, room freshners and attars.

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