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Traditional Attars

  Kannauj is well known for being a perfume capital of India for traditional attars. We source many of our fragrance oils from this city whose origins can be traced back as far as bronze age.

  The image depicts the process of distillation of flowers which is natural way of extracting scents. There were over 800 perfume distilleries in the region, but nowadays, the number has fallen to barely 150.

The availability of traditional attars is limited to few suppliers whose raw material samples need to go through our stringent quality measures before being presented to our customers as an end product.

Traditional Equipments Used

  1. Deg – This is a huge container for pouring flowers and the water for the process of distillation. These are made of copper.
  2. Bhapka – This is the traditional receiver of the steam after its condensed using cooling tank.
  3. Chonga – This is the bamboo condenser as it is evident in the image
  4. Bhatti – This is used to boil the contents of the deg. Usually wood and coal are used to fuel the same
  5. Gachchi – This is the cooling water tank used for condensing the steam back into liquid
  6. Kuppi – These were used as traditional containers for the fragrance oils derived, to preserve their original properties and make them better with time.


  1. Petals from the flower whose fragrance is to be collected are separated from the flower
  2. Then water and the petals are to be poured into the Deg
  3. The deg is then sealed using cotton clothes and clay.
  4. The chonga connects the Deg with the Bhapka, then the fire is lit.
  5. The first material of distillation is collected after few hours
  6. Then the same material is transferred to the copper pot(Deg) second time
  7. In second distillation, the original attar is distilled
  8. Hence it takes two times distillation for the same


The traditional Attars are in high demand due to their low availability and the integrity of the suppliers. We at perfumedeck present you unadulterated traditional attars which do not contain any DEP or any alcohol content.

Hence due to their concentration they can also be used in religious activities apart from their use in daily wear.


People may have a general misconception that these traditional attars are boring and cannot be used in meetings or in sober surroundings. In reality that may not be the case. The following are few that can be suggested from our end in sober gathering environment of office or any corporate environment (you may click on each item for more details):


PerfumeDeck brings to you comprehensive collection of all kinds of natural aroma type fragrances in forms of perfumesprays, diffuser-oils, room freshners and attars.

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