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Which one suits you best? Attars, Perfume Spray, Air Freshners or Diffuser?


According to Wikipedia, ‘the word ‘attar’, ‘ittar’ or ‘itra’ believed to have been derived from the Persian word itir, meaning ‘perfume’, which is also believed to be derived from Arabic word itr. For more details on hydro-distillation process you may click here.

Attar has always been part of many religions. They may be used during Pooja as well as applied during namaz, as there is no alchohol content in the same.

All these are made in base of sandalwood fragrance or kesar fragrance to preserve the longevity of the aroma. The property of attar gets preserved when stored in aluminium containers.

Attars give a feel-good effect when applied on pulse points, which emanate the aroma most effectively. Pulse points are ankles, elbows, knees and behind ears.

For long lasting effect you may take it on palms, rub both palms with each other and then rub the palms on clothes. Follow these steps to avoid getting your clothes stained.

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A perfume is a mixture of fixatives, aroma compounds, essential oils, fragrances and solvents. Perfumes may be found to be more convenient to use by directly spraying to the desired part. Though attar may be more long lasting but PerfumeDeck makes it sure that even our perfumes are having a long lasting effect on your clothes.

All our perfumes are highly long lasting and noticeable. Be assured of our quality. What’s more! They are available at 100ml for a price as low as Rupees 415 Rupees at your doorstep. To have a look at them, CLICK HERE.


Diffuser oil are soluble in water. When combined with water and heated in a diffuser lamp or humidifier, it gives you astounding results.

With any smell, there is always a memory attached to it. Use our customised fragrances in oils to make the smell relatable to your workplace or home or office. This will help in creating a unique brand and identity of your place in the minds of visitors.

Diffuser oils can be used to reduce stress, refresh your surroundings or on your dinner date as well. This helps in helping improve and rejuvenate your mood as well as of the visitors.

PerfumeDeck has a unique collection of different diffuser oils such as singular fragrances as well as combination of two different fragrances. These are available in different combos starting at just Rupees 125 per bottle.


PerfumeDeck has a unique collection of roomsprays. A room freshner should usually be lasting all day long. We provide you this quality. Additionally, there is no gas content in our room freshner, so we provide a complete 200ml of material at such a low cost of just Rupees 275 per bottle. You may CLICK HERE to have a look at them.

For best performance, you may use room sprays on curtains, sofa or any other cloth material hanging in the room/office/theatre/auditorium for complete day long lasting


PerfumeDeck brings to you comprehensive collection of all kinds of natural aroma type fragrances in forms of perfumesprays, diffuser-oils, room freshners and attars.

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